How to Remember Difficult Password?

imagesEveryone needs to set a powerful password for social Ids. It seems difficult to remember password which has lower,upper alphabets . I will give you the best technique to remember the difficult password . I say ” Hi! My name is Morten,I’m 26 year old.Can u remember this phrase?”

So I extraxt passwpord from above pharase is :

” H!MniMIa26o.cyrp? ”

What do you think about above password? Its amazing password for Ids . Now your turn and creates password from basic phrases.


How to improve your memory? (PART 2)


(In the previous blog , I gave you 3 tips to improve your memory.I hope ,you got it something from blog.)

Today I will give you 3 more tips to improve memory.

1) Association is one of them most powerful tools. How will you use this tool? For example,I say a word “Katrina”.In your mind different things associated with the word. Isn’t it? Its mean you just memorized things which affiliated with any particular word or phrase. So association memorizes things more and more.

2) Pictures are easy to remember .When you see any person ,you remember his face but not his name. Why it’s happening ? Because Visual information is easier to remember than abstract information. It’s mean when you try to memorize something,you must  be thinking visual information of that particular thing.

3) Story Method is very important. The human mind weird to remember stories. How will you use this trick? For example , I saw a dog yesterday who bit a person. In term of story method ,I will say : “once upon a time………”. Isn’t easy to remember ? The exciting method I think to remember permanent of some best moments of your life.

How to improve your memory ?

downloadEveryone wants to improve memory because they want to remember things more and more . But unfortunately, they can’t do this .I will give you some important tips ,You can follow these tips and get stunning results.

  1. Repetition helps to memorized things sufficiently. For example Song.Write it down and repeat it and after that quiz yourself. Just 15 minutes daily workout changes your memorized ability in a week.
  2. Exaggeration is the second rule or principle. How can you adopt this rule? It’s very simple ,observed things very closely and makes some fun with this and it’s easy to memorize .
  3. Chunking is my favorite rule. It makes information easy to remember. For example, try to remember this number 3128574747 . Can you remember this number in 15 seconds ? Now I write this number  by chunking rule . It is 312-857-4747 . Is it easy as compared to the first one. Isn’t it ? I will give you exercises in next blog . Hopefully, this blog helps you to memorized things.

First time I encountered wordpress

First time when I listened the name WordPress , This word is strange for me. My friend gave  me some instructions, How can we  create blogs,themes,logins etc from WordPress?. I used the first time for blogs. I want blogs for my website and some themes whatever I created . Now I am feeling comfortable. WordPress makes my life very easy. Its increase my skills and I learnt l a lot of things from WordPress. Placeholder Image